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The purpose of this project is to create a default DLL that can convert CSV 2 XML for BOF WCF services in Dynamics AX 2012

Business Operation Framework (BOF)

example video

why only BOF and not query based
The query based WCF is end of life from my perspective. The query needs dynamic fields according to the best practice check of Dynamics AX. So we have a dynamic contract on our interface. Trust me; this will kill your implementation.

How to find your XSD
Create a C# program that connects to the WCF service without CSV files. Turn on message tracing. The trace information will be stored in the app_messages.svlog file. The next picture shows an example. (The Microsoft Service Trace Viewer is part of the Window SDK)

There is a small difference in the message body for file inbound and Net.TCP messageFor the File inbound the first tag in the body is MessageParts and for Net.TCP it is the name of the WCF service Class in the AOT with ‘Request’ behind. So the XML that is converted from CSV has to look like this.

I added my services, but I can’t select them
Open the AOT Form AIFservices and select button Refresh

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